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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wow its been a long time.

I've quit my job. I'm going to school.

This all happened around December. I put my application in and fulfilled all the pre-req's in September. I was expected to go into the August 2007 class, but was surpised to receive an acceptance letter around the first week of December 06 for the Feb 2007 program. I'm taking the HS/RCA program at VCC downtown.

Looking for P/T work, school, studying, fitness... i'll try to post whenever i can.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kevin Federline...he amuses me

See what people had to say about his debut CD "Playing with Fire" (184 comments at time of post)


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TC1100 - night of the living dead!

It's been a love-hate thing with my tablet recently.  Today at work its working fine.  For the last month its been crashing 5 mins after boot.  2 months ago i got it sent in for repairs and it worked upon its return.  THEN after a month its acting up again.  You'd think it'd be fixed considering the replaced the system  board...but no.  Think its time to get a Mac...tags:


Friday, November 03, 2006

agh, fat!


Above is a screen cap of last year and my most recent body composition.  omg...i gained 12.81 lbs of fat.

I'm gonna spend the weekend tweaking my suplements, training and diet (especially).

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Supplements, oh my!

For the last couple of months I've had supplements on my mind.  I think i've hit the *plateau*.  It doesn't feel like im gaining anymore...well, i have gained...weight that is.  Spring I was steady at 194lbs.  nowadays i tip the scales at 210ish.  bf% August 2005 was at 23.6% which i beleive puts me just a little overweight (most sites say that average male bf should range 15-18%).  I've got to get another measurement this year to see where I stand.  Oh yeah, talking about supplements...


NxCare M.A.S.S. stack

Xyience NOX-CG3

Dymatize Xpand

Above are the 3 that I want to try out.  The M.A.S.S. stack by Nxcare are all pills while the other 2 are powders.  They all have creatine, Arginine, and some sort of Nitric Oxide stimulator.  Differences?  NxCare = pills.  Xpand and Nox are powders.  The Xyience being the most expensive (around $100+ for 2 weeks).  NxCare may be the least expensive but ya gotta take pills...i take enough pills (multi vitamin, essential oils, and Test booster).  Whatever program i go on will mean having to change up/keep close tabs on - diet, training and rest.  I imagine I'd need to up my protein intake to about 200-250 grams/day which means i've got to spend more on protein powders.

If I do get on a mass building cycle I'm confident I'll drop at least 4-6 points bf%.  We'll see.


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Long Weekend



Pics above from P and A's wedding - October 7, 2006. Ceremony - Holy Trinity New Westminster. Reception - Swan-e-set Bay

I couldn't be any happier for the two. It was an honor being part of their wedding party. First time for me being a groomsmen, wasn't as difficult as I expected. I liked dressing up, standing with my mates at the altar and being watched at the head table. I guess I didn't mind being in a *lot* of pictures too....heheheh. A and P are in Hawaii right now enjoying their honeymoon. Have fun kids!!!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Gearing up for fall/winter

Im going to be saving like mad to get the 2 jackets above.

Theta AR Hardshell  and Gamma SV Softshell 

I know it may be a little hardcore to have the jackets just for city use...but i'm a sucker for quality (+status +poser).  These jackets were designed for extreme use - mountaineering actually.  I'm impressed with the amount of technology and testing put into each garment.  The Gamma will see more duty than the Theta just cause it'll be my daily, its finish will also stand up to rain and most of the elements.  The Theta will see duty during periods of heavy precipitation.  Come winter time, the two will be used together...but what about pants?  agh.... I've still got my near new Nike XCR's (boots) from 2 seasons ago...just missing the pants.

I *really* dont need Arc gear...I could easily go with North Face equivalents which are less expensive and use similar fabrics Gore tex, etc.  But I'd be like everyone else.  I know this gear will last me a couple of years.  Just today i *really* could of benefitted from the wind resisting and insulating properites of the lulu jacket although stylish, made for a chilly experience at Braid. only got chilly when I got to Braid...hmm.  Come to think of it I really didn't plan my attire for today.  i didn't expect it to be this cold.  Today I wore my UA short sleeve, lulu pants and lulu jacket.

<tangent> my GF got me to try on a fleece pullover made by UA (Under Armour) yesterday...its so comfy.  I think I'll pick up this week.  Oh!  and I also tried on the Blitz short sleeve, its like the metal...just without the grey mesh on the back and distinct/new design.  I'll do an exchange for it prolly today.  OMG, i really got to control my spending on clothing.  The fleece i think is almost a done deal....and the Blitz..well, i *do* have to exchange the red loose heatgear shirt (already have one).  Ay!!!

Starting today, i'll be brown bagging till i get the Arc jackets. 


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Friday, September 29, 2006

This week good, next is better

Happy that most of my Oakley order came through (didn't get the Toolbox backpack)  the latest items in were the lanyards.  Starting to get excited for P's wedding.  I get my tux on Wednesday, rehersal and dinner on Thursday, and the wedding on Saturday.  Saturday is going to be busy!  For me it'll start at about 8am and end who knows what time. 

Babe's got Friday-Monday off...we've got lots of stuff planned.  Fri and Mon nights we're doing stuff with her family. 

One day...i would like to be able to do this:

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